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  • Unlocking Sustainability and Value for the Heart of Agriculture and Construction

    There's something incredible on the horizon that's set to revolutionize the way you think about repairing and maintaining your equipment. It's called remanufacturing, and it's not just a buzzword—it's a game-changer for your operations, your pocket and, most importantly, our planet
  • How to Reduce Crop Loss

    Enhancing combine efficiency is crucial for profitable yields. Despite increasing corn yields in the U.S., farmers still face significant crop losses during harvest. Key factors include header losses and threshing losses. A study from the University of Georgia in 2021 found that farmers lose about 1 bushel of corn per acre during harvest. To combat this, it's essential to inspect combines for wear and tear, holes, and cracks. One effective solution is lining high-abrasion areas with CNH Reman wear parts by Ihle Fabrications. These liners, made from high-grade materials like Hardox® 450, offer protection against wear and tear, ensuring maximum combine efficiency and minimal grain loss.
  • Combine Wear Parts Offering

  • Can contaminated fuel damage an engine?

    Contaminated fuel can severely impact diesel engine performance, affecting emissions and overall efficiency. Common causes of dirty fuel include poor fuel quality, water contamination, particulate matter, sediment buildup, incomplete combustion, fuel additives, storage and handling issues, cross-contamination, and aging and oxidation. Dirty fuel can lead to sluggish acceleration, rough idling, reduced power output, and increased emissions. Over time, contaminants can cause wear within engine components, especially fuel injectors. CNH Reman emphasizes the environmental impact of using dirty fuel, which can elevate pollutant emissions. Recognizing symptoms of dirty fuel early on, such as reduced power, rough idling, and increased emissions, is crucial. Proper fuel management practices can ensure engine longevity and environmental health.
  • A New Life for Used Components: a Sustainable Year Story

  • Industry-leading warranty provides coverage up to 24-months on dealer-installed remanufactured parts

    CNH Industrial Reman is helping customers limit risks through its industry-leading warranty program with coverage up to 24-months on parts and labo...
  • CNH Industrial Reman Adds Robotic Laser Cladding System

    CNH Industrial Reman Adds Robotic Laser Cladding System to Expand Part and Component Production Capabilities.  Component parts can be remanufactured quickly and efficiently, lowering cost of ownership and lead time for the end-customer.
  • CNH Industrial Reman Celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day 2022

    SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (April 14, 2022) – CNH Industrial Reman is excited to join the celebration for Global Remanufacturing Day today, April 14, 2022. G...