CNH Industrial Reman knows successful team members are key to a successful business. We take great pride in our team and help them grow in their career, company and in the industry. Our comprehensive benefits package offers eligible team members access to personal and professional development through offerings such as a tuition reimbursement program and a promotion from within philosophy. Many team members have been able to advance their careers and obtain higher education through our program offerings.

Jerad Denney

Jerad applied knowledge gained on the production floor to his new position as a production scheduler. Jerad joined the company as a Production Tester in the Fuel Department, where he was responsible for testing fuel pumps ensuring they met OEM specifications. From this position, Jerad was promoted to the team lead for the department.

In November, Jerad made the shift from Fuel team lead to the Fuel and Turbo Production Scheduler where he develops monthly production schedules. Jerad’s shift in positions allowed him to advance his professional career at CNH Industrial Reman and in the remanufacturing industry.

When asked how the transition has been, Jerad said, “I’m still learning and adapting to my new position every day. The greatest challenge has been shifting my way of thinking because now I am having to provide schedules to many team members instead of focusing only on the tasks I am supposed to be doing.” He added, “Where I used to be responsible for only myself, now I have to focus more on the team as a whole.

I went from working as a team on my past job duties, to working more independently for the team now.” Since Jerad has worked in the Fuel Department the duration of his career, he said “I’ve been able to build and maintain good standing relationships with the supervisors and production employees in the department.” He credits the established relationships and past department experience helping in his new role. “I enjoy the people I work with and have worked with; this makes it easy and enjoyable to come to work every day.”

As Jerad continues his career at CNH, he said his main goal is to strive to make us the best in the business. CNH Industrial Reman is honored to have team members like Jerad who are dedicated to developing themselves and the company.

Zach Harris 

Zach joined CNH Industrial Reman as a Fuel Technician disassembling, cleaning, and inspecting core fuel components prior to staging them for the assembly process. In Fuel assembly, he remanufactured an extensive offering of CNH Industrial Reman’s HPCR injectors, ISM injection pumps, and CP3 injection pumps, ensuring all meet or exceeded OEM specifications.

Zach was promoted to Driveline Production lead, and transitioned to Production Scheduler for the Fuel and Turbo departments. He is currently a member of the Reman Technical Center (RTC) as a Reman Technical Specialist, where he assists CNH Industrial dealers daily with questions regarding our remanufactured parts including timely and accurate information on the application and availability of parts, continuous technical support, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving order issues.

“I wanted to broaden my understanding of the different channels of our business and industry through new challenges that encourage me to build and develop new skills from a technical standpoint.” Talking about his growth from role to role, he said, “I remember being excited for the opportunities and anticipating the challenges, but humbled by being the ‘newbie’ on the team and having to ask all the questions.”

Zach’s time in each role has given him a broad perspective of CNH Industrial Reman. He said, “All my roles, to some extent, have been about understanding material, material flow, our products, and processes. However, the floor is where I developed a hands-on application that helped me develop my understanding today of our reman products and understanding how material flows through our shop.”

Zach added, “I have been lucky to see this company through production, materials, and now a quality and sales role. Each position held different metrics and responsibilities, but all tasked with one goal to provide quality, Reman components to support our dealers and customers. My time in production helped me build some of the most valuable relationships I have here today, that I now rely on to help me answer some of dealer’s toughest technical questions that only the employees doing these jobs every day would know the answers to.”

Aside from the different positions held in the company, Zach is utilizing CNH Industrial Reman’s tuition reimbursement program to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He knows that completing his degree in addition to the knowledge and on-the-job training he’s acquiring will set him up for success in his next chapter at Reman.

Zach said, “I still have a lot to learn in my new role and currently I am focused on right now, but I believe with the right tools anything is possible.”

When asked why he enjoyed working here, he responded “I enjoy the people and what we do here at CNH Industrial Reman. Most of all, I appreciate the opportunities I have had from going back to school to my newfound roles, CNH Industrial Reman has always given me exactly what I put in.”

Anthony Brennan 

Anthony joined CNH Industrial Reman as a Manufacturing Engineering Technician in the Salvage Department. Through his employment here, he was able to obtain an Associates Degree in Manufacturing Technology from Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, MO.

As a single father, working full-time and going to school presents unique challenges. Anthony credits the tuition program for allowing him the opportunity to obtain a degree, something he might not have accomplished otherwise.

Setting out to achieve his goal of becoming a Manufacturing and Controls Engineering Technician in the Manufacturing Engineering Department, Anthony began working on a degree in Manufacturing Technology to increase his knowledge of engineering, as well as achieve his goal and earn the position he now has. In this role, Anthony designs, maintains, and improves work areas through equipment tests and automation. Anthony said, “Seeking my degree has given me great insight on different machines and processes used in manufacturing industries.”

The tuition reimbursement program provides team members like Anthony an opportunity to advance their education and careers.

Anthony added, “The tuition reimbursement program and willingness of the company to work with you is a great reason to join the company. The company truly is investing in you. I appreciate the opportunity provided for team members to advance themselves and their careers.”


“Sending you a quick note to let you all know that we really appreciate the great job you do for us. Our parts department has complete confidence in the CNH Reman products – they provide a quality product at a good price. Thanks for helping us give our customers the best value possible!”

Jim Brown

Parts Manager, Dinkel Implement Co. – Norfolk, NE

“Our dealership has seen a tremendous growth in CNH Reman in the last year. With the support and education our whole team has seen the benefits of getting our customers a high-quality product in a timely manner to help get our customers back in the field. We have customers requesting the Reman product at the time of sale. They know that the warranty is there and are able to control repair costs on their machines.”

Jason Mellot

Parts Manager, Forrester Farm Equipment – Chambersburg, PA

A customer had a New Holland LS170 skid steer that needed a major engine overhaul. Parts were priced out, but when it was mentioned that purchasing a Reman complete engine and having our shop install it would double the warranty, customer stated that's a no brainer. A Reman engine was ordered and installed, and the customer is happy with his new two year warranty.

Doug Cornell

Parts Manager, Lamb & Webster – Woodhull, NY

“The ever expanding Reman product offerings from CNH. Have allowed us to remain competitive versus other aftermarket choices. That, along with the warranty we are able to offer, helps make the CNH Reman product an easy choice for our customers.”

Rob Proffit

West Hills Tractor, Inc.