CNH Industrial Reman Celebrates Global Remanufacturing Day 2022

Reman Day recognizes the high standards and sustainability benefits of remanufacturing process 

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (April 14, 2022) – CNH Industrial Reman is excited to join the celebration for Global Remanufacturing Day today, April 14, 2022. Globally, Reman Day is hosted by the Remanufacturing Industries Council and celebrates and advances the remanufacturing industry through manufacturer-hosted events and workforce development initiatives. 

“We celebrate Reman Day each year to help educate and raise awareness of remanufacturing industry,” said Jamie Collins, director of sales and marketing at CNH Industrial Reman. “At CNH Reman, we are hosting an on-site celebration that includes refreshments and t-shirts for team members. We are also coordinating group photos of CNH employees representing Reman as they celebrate across the globe.” 

The annual multi-industry holiday celebrates remanufacturing as a rigorous industrial process held to the highest standards. 

“There’s a misconception that remanufactured parts are just repaired parts, which they are not,” said Collins. “In reality, remanufactured parts are virtually indistinguishable from new parts. We’re able to take advantage of the hindsight view of understanding the failure modes of parts and we can correct them. This gives end-customers the opportunity to upgrade parts at a lower cost while reducing their liability with an increased warranty.” 

In addition, Reman Day seeks to increase public awareness of remanufacturing, emphasize the importance of remanufacturing to the circular economy and empower remanufacturers around the world.

“The remanufacturing process allows us to drive longevity into a part by remanufacturing it back to current OEM specifications or greater,” said Collins. “By reutilizing the raw materials from the original parts, we are able to lower the cost of ownership of a machine to the end-customer while also contributing to the circular economy. In fact, CNH Reman was able to keep 8.4 million pounds of raw materials out of landfills by remanufacturing parts and components back to OEM specifications in 2021.”  

Overall, by adhering to the remanufacturing process, CNH Reman can offer cost-effective parts and components that are environmentally sustainable. To learn more about CNH Industrial Reman, visit