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We’ve invested in the most sophisticated precision tools and machinery for our remanufacturing processes. As you read through the engine highlights and learn more about the stringent quality processes we’ve put in place, you will feel confident in CNH remanufactured engines.


  • Engines and components for the legacy models of the '70s up to the latest Tier 4 machines
  • Long block warranty coverage is 2 years, short block is 2 years.

Testing and Quality Measures

  • Replacement level engines with fuel systems undergo dyno testing to ensure proper oil pressure, exhaust temperature, horsepower, water and oil circulation, and overall functionality.
  • Long block engines are spin-tested to confirm compression and oil pressure.
  • Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection is used to identify surface flaws.
  • Sediment Testing confirms all remanufactured parts are clean for maximum operating life.
  • Air Decay Testing will detect any fuel, oil, or water leaks



A better process results in a better product.

  • Camshafts – Camshafts are examined and straightened, and all main journals and lobes are checked. Those that pass are machined to ensure proper valve lift and timing; those that do not meet specs are replaced with new.
  • Connecting Rods – Connecting rods are thoroughly cleaned and checked for straightness; those that do not meet specifications are replaced with new. Both crank and piston pin bores are checked for size, and 100% new bearings and bushings are installed.
  • Crankcases – Machining is performed to ensure all bores meet exacting dimensional specifications. Cylinder bores are honed with the latest technology. This level of precision ensures that bores meet EPA tier emission requirements. Wet sleeve engine sleeves are replaced 100% with new.
  • Crankshafts – Crankshafts are dimensionally and structurally inspected, then ground and micro-polished to exacting tolerances. 
  • Cylinder Heads – All cylinder heads are inspected for cracks; those that pass are milled to ensure flatness. Valve seats and guides are machined with precision equipment to ensure proper valve seating, recession, clearance and runout.
  • Cylinder Sleeves – Engine with wet sleeves are replaced 100% with new. In dry sleeve engines, cylinder bores are enlarged and honed. In the repair process, a liquid nitrogen cooling tank contracts cylinder repair sleeves before installation, so once set, they expand to a permanent, pressed fit.
  • Painting – Guards, plugs, and grease protectant are used to avoid painting active surfaces. This prevents system contamination, misalignment, or leak-causing gaps created from melting or flecked paint.


CNH Industrial Reman Engine parts are engineered specifically for CASE IH, CASE and NEW HOLLAND machines to provide good-as-new functionality throughout the entire assembly. We don't just strip and fix.



It’s this extensive attention to detail that gives us the confidence to back up our remanufactured engines and components with an industry-leading, up-to a two-year warranty on parts and labor, when installed by a CNH Industrial Reman dealer.

Test 1: Dynamometer Testing

We are committed to rigorously adhering to only the highest standards in remanufacturing throughout the entire process – from disassembly to testing and everything in between. The engine dynamometers (dynos) in our facility mean even greater accuracy in engine testing. You can feel confident in our processes and more importantly, our engines.

The primary function of a dyno test is to make sure the engines perform to OEM specifications.

Engine Dynamometer Capabilities:

  • Horsepower and torque across operating ranges
  • Temperature test and recordings for coolant, oil exhaust & fuel
  • Pressure test & recordings for oil, boost & crankcase
  • Fuel consumption measurement
  • 7 gas analyzer for emissions
  • Exhaust opacity
  • Leak checks with black light
  • Full power curve recordings are available upon request

Replacement-level engines that include fuel systems undergo dyno testing to ensure proper oil pressure, exhaust temperature, horsepower, water and oil circulation, and overall functionality. Long-block engines that have renewed internal components are spin-tested to confirm compression and oil pressure.

Test 2: Wash Water/Sediment Testing

Wash water is used to rinse replacement parts prior to re-assembly and then collected for sediment testing. The water is then cycled through a five-micron filter (which is five times more compact than most engine oil filters) and then evaluated for cleanliness. This testing ensures completed assemblies are free of dirt and no problems will occur later on.


Test 3: Magnaglo® – Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection

Unlike some re-builders who inspect surfaces with a simple visual inspection, we use Magnaglo Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspection throughout its remanufacturing process – a procedure that magnetizes components and applies a phosphorous solution over the part to reveal even the smallest surface flaws.

  • We magnetize components
  • A phosphorous solution is applied over the part(s)
  • A black light is then used to reveal even the smallest surface flaw

Test 4: Air Decay Test

Another example of error-proof technology in our test equipment is the air decay test.

  • Our technicians block off all engine openings
  • The system is then pressurized to detect any fuel, oil, and coolant leaks
  • This leak check is a visual inspection that ensures a leak free assembly
  • Every CNH Industrial Reman long block & complete engine undergoes this procedure to ensure engines are leak-free

Test 5: Spin Test

We use a state-of-the-art spin test for long-block engines. 

  • All torque and oil pressures are tested
  • Cylinder compression tests
  • Vibration testing

Spin tests occur at variable speeds:

  • Standard spin tests at one speed
  • Our tester checks at five variable speeds


Why CNH Industrial Reman Engines are Better than Competitors?


CNH Industrial Reman genuine remanufactured parts are completely disassembled. All parts are thoroughly inspected and reassembled to the latest OEM specifications.

Higher Value

It is a fact. When you install our parts in your equipment, you can expect increased resale value.

More Choices

Every day, we work on adding even more part to the already extensive Reman roster. This expanded offering you more options for your equipment needs.

OEM Performance

Unlike “will-fit” parts, each genuine remanufactured part is engineered to deliver like-new performance.

Significant Savings

CNH Industrial Reman products cost significantly less than new parts offering a great value while ensuring peak performance.

Prompt Credit For Your Core

Your core has value. Your local dealer is equipped to provide a prompt, thorough analysis of your core (values vary by condition).

Industry Leading Warranty

CNH Industrial Reman parts provide an industry-leading 24-month warranty protection* if installed by dealer.

Less Downtime with Installation Options

Because many CNH Industrial Reman remanufactured parts are ready to install, service technicians spend less time completing repairs or shop installs. The result? Quicker turnaround time and a whole new level of equipment uptime for you.



A customer had a New Holland LS170 skid steer that needed a major engine overhaul. Parts were priced out, but when it was mentioned that purchasing a Reman complete engine and having our shop install it would double the warranty, customer stated that's a no brainer. A Reman engine was ordered and installed, and the customer is happy with his new two year warranty.

Doug Cornell

Parts Manager, Lamb & Webster – Woodhull, NY

“The ever expanding Reman product offerings from CNH. Have allowed us to remain competitive versus other aftermarket choices. That, along with the warranty we are able to offer, helps make the CNH Reman product an easy choice for our customers.”

Rob Proffit

West Hills Tractor, Inc.

I have been involved in the Agriculture business over 40 years at many different levels of service and marketing for not only CNH but some of the other big players in the ag industry...It is a pleasure to still be able to pick up a phone and call a human to help solve a problem. My hat is off to the employees at CNH Reman for the extra steps that are taken every time to assist with either information, products or product support whichever is needed. Please inform your employees that their efforts are not going unnoticed and are very much appreciated

Larry W. Cline

Service Manager, Baker Implement Co. Portageville MO

AS the senior person at H&R AGRI-POWER in my 50 plus years of experience, I think you are probably the most important part of service. With all that is going on in the Global look, New manufacturing shutting down delaying 2 weeks or more in planting season; one of the most critical part of a FARMER'S year. I personally appreciate you folks, look at your business and your decision to continue Our organization has the same operational plan . PERSONALLY THANKS FOR WHAT YOU ALL DO-WH

Wayne Hunt

President H&R Agri-power