Reman Driveline

Whats Special About CNH Industrial Reman Driveline?

  • Documented processes and controls
  • 100% disassembled to the component level
  • Aggressive cleaning process utilizing high pressure washer an ultrasonic technology
  • 100% inspected components
  • Assembled with 100% OEM upgraded replacement parts
  • Assembled to OEM specification
  • Tested using OEM designed computerized equipment
  • 100% Air decay "Leak" tested
  • Sediment testing on finished product to ensure clean parts and process


All of our transmissions are tested using our automated OEM designed function test stand which ensures correct clutch back pressure, lubrication pressure, RPMs and vibrations. At CNH industrial Reman, we are committed to delivering quality, reliability and performance in the products we product.


Torque Converters

All CNH Industrial reman torque converters are rotational balanced, checked for end play, and tested for air leaks using air decay technology.



All axles are tested for gear ration ensuring proper input and output wheel RPMs using automated function test stand.

  • Rotational tested for differential lock and part brake
  • Leak tested using air decay technology

Clutch Kits

All CNH Industrial reman clutches are spin balanced and tested for plan load and liftoff; assembled on the latest build stands actuating the clutch simulating engagement of the springs and cups for proper seating and lever height adjustment.

Replacement Wheels and kits

CNH Industrial Reman uses revolutionary cost-saving technology for bogie and idler wheels. These wheels outlast new wheels up to 4 times longer with our polyurethane that is engineered to provide maximum cut and tear strength.

What differentiates CNH Industrial Reman driveline
components from our competitors?


Quality is built into every step of the remanufacturing process through strict systems controls and continuous improvement practices using state-of- the-art technology.


All CNH Industrial Reman driveline parts are 100% disassembled, meticulously cleaned and inspected or machined to the latest upgrades to meet original equipment (OE) specifications. By adhering to these practices, reliability is built into every part.

Like-New Performance

All driveline axles, transmissions, gearboxes, clutches and torque converters are rigorously tested to ensure operational reliability and durability, an verified to OEM specifications.


Like-new parts at costs 20-40% less than new with industry leading protection. Up to 24- Months parts and labor warranty ensures best value and peace of mind.