CNH Industrial Reman: More Than Rebuilding

A high standard of quality separates us from the competition.

What makes CNH Industrial Reman Better? 

CNH Reman uses continuous improvement to remain a cut above the competition. In our remanufacturing (reman) process, used parts are examined, remade, and tested to original performance specifications through state-of-the-art techniques, strict salvage guidelines, advanced manufacturing systems, and unequaled quality control. With quality assurances built into every process and same-as-new or better-than-new warranties, CNH Industrial Reman products provide dealerships and customers with true peace of mind.

CNH Industrial Reman ≠ Rebuilt

With a CNH Reman part:

  • All cores are completely disassembled
  • Each component is thoroughly cleaned and verified against the latest OEM specifications.
  • All components are either brought back to the latest OEM specification or replaced with new
  • The finished remanufactured part is reassembled and then tested one final time to ensure OEM performance

What Remanufacturing is NOT

There are several terms that can be confused with remanufacturing.


Salvaged products may be removed from a scrap machine and resold with little or no work performed. Some salvaged products are superficially cleaned, then boxed and sold. As described, salvaged would not be considered remanufactured, and their reliability is questionable.


Repaired is when a part has had enough work completed to fix the point of failure and make it operational again. However, it is not up to current OEM specifications like a CNH Reman remanufactured part. The repaired part may not perform to OEM specifications or last as long as a CNH Reman remanufactured part.


Generally applied to antique goods, this is when the work done is cosmetic and meant for display. On the other hand, remanufacturing is performance-based and brings a part up to current specifications. 


Used is when a product has been used before and is not new. Traditionally, nothing has been done to repair it or correct any problems it may have. Because of this, it is impossible to measure the part's lifespan.