The Flow of Reman

Remanufacturing and the circular lifecycle.

The figures below illustrate the ideal circular flow of the remanufacturing process. As you can see, there is no need for additional resources and used components are kept out of landfills. By adhering to this process, we are able to offer cost effective components that are environmentally sustainable.


Achieving production process excellence through the combined knowledge, ideas and effort of each of us.

World Class Manufacturing Fundamental Principles

WCM is a road map to continuous improvement, plotted through the elimination of waste, whether it be time, quality or material. It is of vital importance to all of us in terms of business strategy and company results. It is a structured system encompassing the most effective manufacturing methodologies, which include Total Quality Control (TQC), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Total Industrial Engineering (TIE), and Just In Time (JIT).

To certify improvements, a system of periodic audits evaluates a selection of WCM pillars, forming an overall score for each plant that is the basis for three achievement levels: Gold (awarded to plants that score more than 70 points), Silver (60 to 69 points) and Bronze (50 to 59 points).


“Sending you a quick note to let you all know that we really appreciate the great job you do for us. Our parts department has complete confidence in the CNH Reman products – they provide a quality product at a good price. Thanks for helping us give our customers the best value possible!”

Jim Brown

Parts Manager, Dinkel Implement Co. – Norfolk, NE

“Our dealership has seen a tremendous growth in CNH Reman in the last year. With the support and education our whole team has seen the benefits of getting our customers a high-quality product in a timely manner to help get our customers back in the field. We have customers requesting the Reman product at the time of sale. They know that the warranty is there and are able to control repair costs on their machines.”

Jason Mellot

Parts Manager, Forrester Farm Equipment – Chambersburg, PA