CNH Industrial Reman Cursor 13L Diesel Engines

Case IH-FPT diesel engine is a 12.9L (13L) Tier 4 B/Final diesel engine rated at 620 hp (at rated), maximum 682 hp with PTO power at 473 hp.

CNH Industrial Reman Cursor 13L diesel engines power the industry-leading peak horsepower Steigers, Quads and T9 tractors with a used value ranging from $350,000 to >$500,00 depending on the model year, hours, and condition of the tractor. This FPT diesel engine is a 12.9L (13L) Tier 4 B/Final diesel engine rated at 620 hp (at rated), maximum 682 hp with PTO power at 473 hp. Our engine is a two-stage turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 787 cu in (12.9L and uses common rail fuel technology with electronic controls.

Why Cursor?

In Burr Ridge, Illinois, FPT 8.7L and 12.9L diesel engines made exclusively for Case IH have been tested for performance and durability by over 25 million hours on North American farms. Case IH tractors can operate with lower RPM providing more torque and less downshifting. Steiger Quadtrac tractors have a better operating range with 2,100 RPM rated power, 1900 RPM peak power, and 1,400 RPM peak torque. In pursuit of better fuel efficiency and power Case IH uses an SCR- only system which eliminates the need for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Coolant Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR).Longer Oil drain intervals, no regeneration, and two-stage turbocharger allow for better cooling without affecting fuel economy will enhance time spent in the field.

CNH Industrial Reman Repair Options

  • We offer 3 levels of repair to help meet your budget.
  • The Reman short block, Reman long block, and Reman complete engine all come with a 2-year parts and service warranty when installed at an authorized CNH dealership.
  • The Reman long block and complete engine are performance tested to meet OE factory standards.
Item PT SC Conv CdOEM
8094255R 11RMI
5801509339R 11RMICursor
8094256R 11RMICursor
8094254R 11RMICursor
47454053R 11RMICursor
5801908571R 11RMICursor
5801507161R 16RMICursor
80190856R 11RMICursor
5801908572R 11RMICursor
5802499080R 11SUBCursor
80190857R 11RMICursor
47454080R 11RMICursor
47825891R 11RMICursor
5801897469R 11RMICursor
47454071R 11RMICursor
8094253R 11RMICursor
504377060R 16RMICursor
5801490158R 16RMICursor
8097687R 11RMICursor
504317577R 16RMICursor
47454070R 16RMICursor
47389929R 11RMICursor
5801695035R 16RMICursor
5801793848ER 11RCFCursor
5801490159ER 11RCFCursor
5801490145R 11RMICursor
47454049R 11RMICursor
5801793859ER 11RCFCursor
5801426974R 11RMICursor