Boost Performance and Lower Maintenance Cost with our combine wear parts

At CNH Reman, we understand as a farmer, you face various challenges during harvest season but we believe wear and tear, grain losses, decreased performance and increased maintenance costs should not be one of them. We want to protect your combine harvester investment while you work in harsh harvesting environments.

We understand the impact that worn-out or unmaintained parts can have on your equipment's performance, efficiency, and productivity. With our extensive expertise and dedication to innovation, we offer a wide range of remanufactured wear parts solutions designed for superior maintenance of combine harvester machinery, enhancing efficiency, which can increase your farm's productivity and reduces the cost of ownership.


Why Should You Use CNH Reman Wear Parts
by Ihle Fabrication for Your Combine? 

  •  Enhanced for Up to 2.5x more durability than normal steel parts
  • Protects and extends the life of equipment 
  • Simple maintenance and repair solution 
  • Improves performance and less downtime 
  • Prevents loss of crop yields 
  • Lowers cost of ownership 
  • Built to enhance OEM equipment